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Why Coaching

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.

Carl Rogers

Professional coach is your thinking partner and a mirror. Having a thinking partner can help you to make you aware of the different facets of who you are and better understand what is going on in and around you. If you just try hard to be something different without becoming aware of who you are, in the very next distress situation you will most probably relapse into your usual behaviour. Becoming aware of who you are may give you the key to the change you need. 

What to expect:

Thought-provoking and creative, non-judgmental and respectful: my holistic and humanistic philosophy reflects my approach.

I see and respect people with their inseparable interaction of body, spirit, mind and environment. I facilitate their discovery of different facets of their personality. I use elements of embodiment and gestalt, which is a wise source for creating a deep awareness, freeing from assumptions, being mindful, looking at ourselves and our environment from a new perspective, and achieving a sustainable change.

What not to expect:

  • that ​I will make you happy

  • that I will train you to achieve an enforced change

  • that I will push you to achieve a short-term goal

  • that I will fix you

  • that I will follow any kind of a hype

What is gestalt?

Gestalt is a German word for the sum of parts that makes a whole and is an experiental, holistic and relational approach in psychology, psychotherapy, coaching, and organisational development. The client is accepted non-judgmentally in an equal relationship and the interaction is focused on the here-and-now. The client is seen in their totality of body, mind, soul and their environment. Like on the picture above, there is always a diversity of perceptions depending on our current focus - what we are mindful about in the given momentGestalt approach emphasises having an embodied presence and increasing awareness of what is being experienced in the moment.

Gestalt coaching is extremely powerful in enhancing self-awareness and achieving sustainable change. Development of self-awareness is one of the core principles of gestalt, and it enhances the ability to understand and being mindful about one's own effect on others. Following the definition of the Korn Ferry global competency framework, demonstrating self-awareness is a use of a combination of feedback and reflection to gain productive insight into personal strengths and weaknesses. 

Among these competencies, self-awareness is a blind spot in the organisations across the world. Organisations and individuals underestimate the importance of self-awareness, seeing it as a nice-to-have and a "soft" skill, whereas this "soft" skill directly influences organisational and individual success and impacts a higher return on investment (ROI) of organisations. A study from the Korn Ferry Institute "A Better Return On Self-Awareness" shows that self-awareness correlates with corporate performance: companies with a higher rate of return (ROR) also employ professionals who exhibit higher levels of self-awareness. 

You can read more about applied gestalt in one of my articles.

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