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Talent assessment

A badly assigned post costs lots of money, threatens your business and causes serious distress for the related person. Like each plant needs certain ground to grow well, so do a person and an environment have to fit each other in order to thrive. You do not want to rely just on your gut feeling while taking personnel decisions and might not have sufficient internal support in that. Or you may want to conduct a management review regarding personality fitness of your team members for the upcoming challenges or to assess a potential successor for a role. You might also be interested in developing your unique employer value proposition. With my over ten years of experience in HR management and specifically recruitment, applied psychological expertise and exceptional knowledge of human nature, I am your reliable sparring partner in detecting potential and the best fit. 

I screen personality and detect potential in a holistic, structured, and profound way taking the environment of the organisation and business into strong consideration. Deductive and inductive methods are being combined with precise observation and analysis. Conclusions are being made respectfully towards candidates along with a very high level of predictability and reliability.

Through my deep dive into Gestalt approach, my senses are sharpen on seeing the unified whole, distinguishing perception, and gaining unique insights from here-and-now. 

An example of a customized assessment for talent acquisition:

  • In-depth conversation with the hiring manager and understanding the business, the current needs and team.

  • Assessment of the pre-selected CV's.

  • Personality assessment (i.e. Hogan or NEO-PI-3) of the shortlisted candidates according to the high professional standards.

  • Observational and behavioural interviewing with the involvement of the hiring manager.

  • Profound feedback on the candidate to the hiring manager immediately after the first interview and recommendation for a (preliminary) decision.

  • A second round interview with a case study to be solved or a presentation to a professional topic of candidate's choice and a discussion with the extended hiring team.

  • Depending on the outcomes and the role, a third round of the assessment with an immersion into the real or real-like work environment in a form of a trial day or an assessment centre and a project task.

  • Final background / reference check.

  • Recommendation for the final decision. 


Project assignments are being charged at customised package rates.

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