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European Gestalt Coaching Programme in Switzerland

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

We are excited to present the new European Gestalt Coaching Programme in Switzerland on the Lake of Geneva! In this experiential programme, the leading expert John Leary-Joyce will give you an insight into the art and practice of Gestalt Coaching. This programme will leverage professional and personal growth of coaches and other professionals with coaching expertise.

This will be an opportunity to discover the short-cuts, tools and techniques of Gestalt Coaching set within the profound but simply explained philosophy and theory of Gestalt.

John is a master at deconstructing this complex practice to make it accessible to those new to Gestalt Coaching but also deepen and extend the practice of those that have substantial experience of Gestalt.

Read the Chapter 1 of his book Fertile Void, Gestalt Coaching at Work to get a flavour of his demystifying skill. This programme brings to life the written explanation in a very practical and highly experiential way.

John has been practicing Gestalt for 40 years as a therapist, teacher, trainer and coach as well as living the philosophy in his daily family life. He has a passion and zest for living a rich and full life - one outlet is dancing Tango!

There will be six two-day workshops over 12 months taking place in beautiful locations at the Lake of Geneva, Rolle and Morges, commencing in October 2016.

In the first module you can test the water learning about the essence of Gestalt Coaching and gaining an overview of the principles and practice. It will be an open workshop to see if this style of work is suitable for you. After that you can dive deeper into the further modules.

Each module will include the following theory and practice:

  • Here & Now Awareness - Being / Coaching in the Present

  • Directed and Emergent Change (the Gestalt Paradox of Change)

  • Exaggeration as a key tool

  • Interventions as Creative Experiments

  • Liberating and Containing Emotions

  • Expressing self in voice and body

  • The Art of Leading & Following - Dancing Tango

Each module will provide you with:

  • An understandable theoretical framework to tools and methods

  • Opportunity to practice as a coach the methods outlined - triad groups and collective coaching

  • Live supervision of Gestalt Coaches

  • Coaching demonstrations by John on all the key principles

  • A deep and profound personal experience (if you're willing to go there!)

Experienced Gestalt practitioners, coaches with no Gestalt experience as well as HR and L&D professionals with coaching experience are welcome to join the programme which will have different participant groups.

For more information on the dates, fees, participants groups, and the focus of each module, please visit "Training".

For further information, please feel free to contact Natalia Braun or via +41 78 910 25 73 and Sue Burston or via +44 (0) 1959 569 516.

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